Thursday, 17 September 2009

Fito's way is on this side of the road...

If you see this post, play this video... listen to Fitos musical poem...

It makes me feel attached to Fito, to Arjona, to a few monkeys in the rainforest and to that latin american thing that they say makes you different from others.
It makes you feel like a rebel with a notebook in your pocket.
It's a thing.... a thing about being a romantic pesimist.

I like being on this side of the road; forgiveness is divine; the books, the songs, the pianos, the cinema, enigmas- my father, the beer, love, the stage, hunger, cold, crime, money, and my 10 days... (made me this rebel)

'...siempre se me pasa, es solo la intuicion de mi destino...'