Saturday, 17 December 2011

Sale 36?

I am alone in a Japanese restaurant.
I wait for 3 friends.
They are late. Already.
I wonder if they had a personal tsunami on their way here.
Ok, that’s not funny.

This is all very abstract.
Soft restauranty music merges with a very loud one from a discotheque nearby.
The place is empty but for me, even the waiters and chefs seem to be leaving.
Am I to be left alone here listening to distorted noise?
Will I wait forever?
For Godot?
I never liked waiting alone. It makes me feel inadequate.
Yes, that doesn’t make sense.

But doesn’t it happen to all?
Inadequate. All by yourself, counting imaginary sheep in wine glasses.
Wondering what the waiters think of you: ‘yeah, sure… friends coming, aha… bet you don’t have any!’ or: ‘I don’t think those friends of yours are coming today…’


But what’s the worst that could happen?
I could lose sense of self in the menu.
Order ‘one of each’ and binge on wasabi…