Sunday, 27 February 2011

Don't forget.

On Writting...

Sometimes you are in the toilet, having a pee and you’re thinking of Alan Rickman. Maybe you saw him in a movie in the morning and you’re thinking about him- and suddenly the words of a dialogue you wrote 3 months ago come out of Alan Rickman’s mouth in a familiar setting (in your mind) and PUFF! Ignition. And now you become a prisoner of yourself and have to finish the bloody story.

Saturday, 12 February 2011


He wakes up.
Light reflected on things white (ice).

He walks.
He analyzes.
He finds. Fruit and seed and thing.
He creates.

He wakes up.
A computer screen.


Sunday, 6 February 2011

On sisterhood and the stuff that comes with it...

For some strange reason she stopped talking to me- just like that. We went separate ways and it was as if life had cut what connected us with a pair of very big invisible scissors.

We grew up together. I met her when she was born. She was the closest to a sister I ever had. Scrap that. She was my sister. So obviously having your sister not talk to you is a little hard; specially when you don't quite get what went wrong. From then on I just got the casual report by her mom. I knew she was alright, I knew she was doing well but she wouldn't talk to me.

When we were kids we used to spend so much time together. We danced, we had a girl band (oh God that was funny!), we played with Barbies, we swam and rode horses, we wrote each other letters to gossip about boys, school, drama and general views of life at particular momens of our lives, we dreamt and shared and loved each other so much that I couldn't understand why my sister had just stopped loving me, and caring, and akcnowledging me, even.

So when she sent me a message a few days ago, I was surprised at first, then a little suspicious and then a little upset.... How come now she wants to talk to me? I thought. How come she now wants to talk and be friends as if nothing happened and not even say sorry....
I thought I didn't want to reply to that message, I thought maybe I would just reply like she did all this time: with silence.

But why? Why wouldn't I talk to her? There's a big swamp between a story of two girls, two FRIENDS. Truth is, the whole thing sounds all too silly to me now. I just wanted my sister back. Maybe she just needed time to grow at her own pace, maybe I was too much of a big sister all the time and pissed her off, maybe she just forgot beacuse she was busy (...), maybe she needed away in order to come back. What I do know is that if time is what she needed, time is what she got and now I am ready to welcome her back into my life and tell her that I do still love her (as much as I did when we were five) and that she is and always will be my SISTER.

Now go make friends with someone you love but have neglected... connect! It's what we're here for. xx