Sunday, 23 February 2014

A Recipe for Literary Analysis. Period.

Possible Plays to Complicate in an Essay
(A comprehensive list):
-Nocturnal Animals by Juan Mayorga
-The Golden Dragon by Roland Schimmelpfennig
-Crave by Sarah Kane
-Something Shakespearean (why not)
-Anything by me (say whaaaat?)

An Essay to Make Any Play Complex
(A recipe step by step (or something))
-2 grams of a play chosen at random.

-2 medium eggs
-3 spoons of topographic disclosure and morphological interpretation.
-A can of apprehensive behavior (In water)
-3 cups of Extra Meaning signifying nothing.
(Make sure they are found in places nobody would have thought of,
and/or borderline between the dramatic and the subtle.)
-Una taza de Form and Structure (go figure...)
-A slice of pie.
For the Topping:
-1 liter of Point of View
(peel and cut in thin slices)
(yes we know it is in liquid form, but use   some imagination - hombre!)
-Some Imagination (finely chopped)
-Seventy Five seconds of character psychoanalysis
-A can of fish
Preparation method:
Mix the hard ingredients hasta formar una pasta, or until it is brown- depending on the 'Point

of View'. This can be done creatively or merely as an attempt at academic thinking.
Puuuurr the wet ingredients into the mix (A punto de nieve) (Or not)
If by now you need a dictionary, start again from the beginning but in the opposite direction.

Have a slice of pie and breathe in.

Surely there is some hidden meaning or interpretation there. Look closely and add the fish. 

No, the author didn’t JUST have a stroke of creative flow, there MUST be a political motive,

psychological incoherence or formulaic mishap there somewhere. Milk it!

Add Form and Structure and whisk.

Whisk. Whisk. Whisk. Keep it up. Some more whisking.
Add some animals, if there are any in the play.

(Say... Parrots, for example)
Now mix this foamy batter with your apprehensive behavior et voila!

Place on a baking tray and bake for 45 minutes or until bored at 51 degrees,

32 minutes North Latitude. (If you’re in London)
Enjoy warm with a pot of ice cream- and digest (if you can).
Look at the piece from a distance and think for a moment if this is really what the author had

in mind. 

(We're sorry we couldn't include pictures of the finished mess due to publishing rights.)
And the eggs???
If you decide to go ahead with this recipe, trust us, you will need them.