Sunday, 12 July 2009

Did Love return from war?

I didn't see Love again, I wonder if he is back. In case you wonder, his name really is Love.

I wrote this for him the day I met him. He was a little scared, a little sad and a little tipsy. I wonder if he left, I wonder if he came back, I wonder...

Love is going to war.
He told his wife yesterday.
He flies tomorrow, at midnight.
He doesn't want to go, but at least he'll have 20 grand in his bank account when he comes back.
Love has been married for 6 months.
He'll be away for nine.
He's not sure he'll have a wife when he returns.
'She's not happy'.
Love is going to war.
He's only 21.
He wants to marry me if his wife leaves him.
I assure him, that is not gonna happen.
Besides, Love may be just too young to love, and he's going to war.

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