Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Nothing is lost forever

I found Bola. Yesterday. In a coffee shop. A starbucks.
Bola used to sing for me when I was doing nightshifts in a sausage bar. I used to work with a german guy called Peter, from 9 pm to 7 in the morning.... exhausting. Annoying at times. Drunk Fabric kids and crazy people. Bola made that better. Bola told us stories. He used to come for tea. He used to sing. He loves to sing. It's funny how people forget about the things that matter.
If I was to die tomorrow, I would like to know I did things in the right order. Love and happiness, I think. I may be wrong. I often am. I have permission to be. It's just an experience. Bola got it right. From the start. The most important thing is a song. The most important thing is not the fact that it is a song, but the heart of it. The heart of it is happy, un-pretencious, un-complicated, free and very real.
I think music does that to you. Music and love. I've loved, I love and I sing (I don't steal things- wait a minute... sometimes) Bola smiled because I recognized him. People don't recognize him, he said. I bet he's wrong. If he sings for you, you will always remember him. ...'Ahhhh, the guy in the wheelchair', my friend said.
He is also a bit like a turtle, with his house on his back. I love the way he is un-complicated and loving. 'I am haaaaappy' he sang. Sometimes I feel like he knows a secret he is not telling... and if he would (share it), we would all be loving and happy, we would be songs.

What I learned? Nothing is lost forever.... once you connect with someone they will always (ALWAYS) be a part of you.

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