Friday, 21 October 2011


Dear Lars,

I wanted to end that dreadful experience, but I couldn't find an object sharp enough (for that purpose).

I accuse you of overindulging with the movement. Why? I wonder...
I wanted to puke.
For two hours and 15 minutes. Puke. Dreadful.

I wanted to kill her.
And puke on that wedding dress,
and on the (fucking) blue planet.
Sick to the bone.

An amazing (music) score (I thought),
to a 'visually stunning' (as they say) sequence of shaky images.
Very shaky. Really. Too shaky. Really.

Since I couldn't puke on the dress, may I please puke on the review...
That aside, I must say that it had the effect you wanted it to have (I guess).

I recognized a common laughter at the end...
Laughter at something we didn't want to understand, but know well...

Big fucking planet. Blue, too.
I had a dream not long ago, I dreamt I was looking for land.
Dry land lo live in.
Me and a couple hundred.
Desperate, running away from the rising water.
Something like 'The Day After Tomorrow', less special effects and crazy wolves and in a familiar setting.
And now this- big fucking planet. And blue. Too.
I feel like a prophet, that if I take the dream as a sign.
I may also fail my climate education course, was so depresing...
I had to pause. That's the cause of the bad dreams, the tipping point and a bad movie.

Not a bad movie.
A little shaky, yes- 
literally. Really.
Not bad.

Crawling. A crawling movie, like a sick snail... long and dreadful.
But why did we laugh?
I thought... it's me.... it wasn't- we did all laugh. why?
It was all we could do. It was all we could manage. All we could handle.
Through fear, through recognition, confusion...
Absurd, but real. Human? God knows what a human being does in circumstances like that - a magic cave with wooden sticks? Nah, think not...

I wanted to puke.
But I am not sure if it was the film or those fish cakes I had for lunch...

A review? Not really...

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