Sunday, 22 April 2012

My Existential Knee

We are dying.
All of us.


We, in a way, started dying as soon as we were born.


I had a sports injury.
Patellofemoral pain, or commonly called ‘runners knee’.
My knee had decided to infuriate me.
I limped my way for about two weeks.
I didn’t really rest… I was trying to be ‘super’.

‘The patella is damaged’.
I only knew my knee as ‘right knee’.
I didn’t think there were separate parts to it.
Like a skeleton to a body…


I may come across as some type of hypochondriac.
Illnesses and injuries are a delicate topic, they make me really anxious.
But who doesn’t feel this way?

The line between life and death so undefined.
Death- as I see it, could find us anywhere. Any day, any time of day.
What if no one remembers me?
The sun will rise for at least 5 billion more years, but my existence is limited.
My expiry date due.
But when?
The ink is blurry…

What happens after that?
Dreamless sleep?
An encounter with the unconscious?

A sharp pain in my knee reminds me that I am still here.


‘Patella Discomfortis’, I would call it.

The End.
(not mine)

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