Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Toilet Roll Series

With the ‘Toilet Roll’ series, I wanted to explore the connection between the mundane and deeper stuff.

Based on ‘Toilet Rolls’ – a previous blog entry/thought that was born when reading the packaging of a well known brand. I imagined the rolls talking to me… But what were the rolls not telling?

I explored…

Toilet Rolls.

Toilet paper is talking to me.
Something about it being the softest paper I’ve ever tried.
I reply I’m not a professional toilet paper taster.
I don’t know anything about ‘softness’.
It says it has a dimpled middle layer for extra texture.
It says it is the best shit in the world, a jug of warm milk coming second place.

A new day, a new sheet...

toi·let pa·per
Paper in sheets or on a roll for wiping oneself clean after urination or defecation.


That said, don’t forget the environment when talking to your rolls.
And if you want to know about toilet rolls and how they affect the environment:


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