Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A Pint of Change...

A guy (we will call him Mike) doesn't understand how it is possible that, in a terrorist conspiracy involving thousands, no one has the 'heart', the 'soul' to rebel against a movement and start a change.
'We've been conditioned!' said the other guy (that one we will call Jeff). 'Society conditions us to follow'. Still, Mike doesn't believe things could work like that; was it really something planned by the same people? Are those videos THE truth?
'I cannot believe it. Not ONE person could say NO?'
'We would have to question the Nazi Movement then.'
'Yeah, yeah-you're right...'
'We've always been like this, look at the wars; we kill each other.'
'No- we're not like that; they condition us to behave like that, but...'
But Jeff is sure the solution is in passing the information we have to others.
'But what do you do with it?' asked Mike. 'We don't solve anything by talking about it with a beer. You have to go to the centre of things, work for the government and then produce change; real change.' (That he said as if Jeff was the only one of us capable of taking the ring to Mordor).
'I don't know anything!; I don't know what the truth is!'
'Well, that IS the problem, the problem is that we don't question things and just buy all the shit they try to sell us.' I replied under the approving look of Jeff who was finally getting the excitement he was aiming for. You could see passion burning in his eyes.
'But what can we do?, It would take so long to make a difference; a lifetime...' Lamented Mike.
'If we sit down NOW and think and start... we may not finish, but we can start a change...' Replied Jeff moving his hands, like building mountains out of air... the possibility was there, coming right out of those hands.
And for a second it seemed as if we had something starting up there. Amauri made a joke about a film being made about us in a few years and how they would start it with the scene of the 'Revolutionaries' beginning the movement at the bar and how Jeff's hair reminded everyone of 'El Che Guevara'.
'So this is how it begins' Said Mike finally getting to the possitive side of it and it seemed as if he was finding breathing a lot easier.
'We're starting a cult- a movement' he said.
He seemed excited but his disbelief of the capacity of an individual to make an actual change was evident.
But is it not our social responsibility? Isn't Jeff right and just by seeking the truth and questioning everything they tell us and by sharing our 'knowledge', couldn't we change the world? Is it really that impossible?
In my head the best way to cause change by sharing knowledge has always led to 'education'. By changing the root of the system we could transform the future...
But then... what time is it?
Then we said goodbye, we kept a nice warm blooming hope inside and a few details about each other, and it was the end of one cool story between a few strangers.
They don'n know each other, but hey- together, they can change the world!

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