Saturday, 25 April 2009


I took all the previous posts away, I left the blog like a naked newborn baby, changed the layout, thought of changing the name again: it went from 'White Walls' to 'Hypnotic' in two years; I wanted to call it 'Dejavu' and have hanging from it like a movie tagline the phrase: 'Because it all happened before' (or something like that). But Hypnotic still sounds truthful to me. Find it a very round word, with a nice universe around it and it could be the title of a big blockbuster, a summer hit, a romantic comedy or a drama, it all fits in there.
I decided I needed change, to start all over again and just ripped all off.
Like having a past life of which all you carry with you is experiences you can't even remember; they just form part of who you are.
I saved them all, as drafts - in case I run out of ideas for films. (or something)
Who am I, really? I thought. I've changed so much this last years.
And it all takes me to feel like going back to my childhood, I just accumulate things I want to bring into my experience, I want to do it all, to see it all, to have it all.
So I will try to be at my 'purest' in my future blogs, not trying to buy anything with words but simply expressing myself by being real. You are welcome to read this space whenever you like and find links to our common humanity or evidence to my underlying crazyness.
I hope you enjoy your stay in this cyber-corner of my mind, please call back soon.- Maybe you'll find something amazing here next time. Why not?
Thanks for being here,
Sophia Mertins
creative director of 'My Life' and of 'This Blog'

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Tamas said...

But then... There are many chapters in our life's and they would probably make a bloody long book, but nobody said it wouldn't be an amazing one! Keep going Sweetheart and if you got to a new one anyway, why not consider being my wife? =) Me crazy? Nooooo! Thanks for sharing yourself with me and us! =) Love you! Tom