Saturday, 10 September 2011

El Poporopo

There is a word in Spanish: 'Poporopo',
isn't it funny?
'Poporopo'- it means pop-corn.
'Pop - corn'. I had a scarf- it was meant to be all pop-corny/pop-cornish (?).
Once after washing it, it accidentally got ironed.
It lost its pop-cornsity (?), ehem- its pop-corn quality... and became all dull.
How to popcornize it again, I thought?
How to 'poporopizarla'?



Gio said...

Nice..and very creative the problem though is that the place in central America where they use the word "poporopo" yo refer to pop corn (Guatemala) coincidentally uses the verb "pisar" (to stomp) with a colloquial meaning to f*** so "pizado" becomes f***er for instance, I really cannot imagine the extent of the mishaps that a word such as "poporopizado" would produce in that country, loved your originality though (I dont know if the double entendre was on purpose just had to comment on it as I lived there for 38 years)

Gio said...

among the top search results for poporopo

Sophia said...

This is brilliant! Thanks for your comment. I am from Guatemala actually, and I always found Poporopo to be a funny, playful word. I just like playing with words. Glad you liked it!