Saturday, 24 September 2011

on food...

Love Jamie! I love food. love cooking and love Jamie for being so great and unpretentious.
I wish I had more time in my hands.
Sometimes I think I should've been a chef. You think? I love chopping stuff (thrill!)
chac-chac-chac-chac, as fast as you can, the smooth rounds of onion falling nicely on the chopping board. FFFFFsssssss, the sound of the sizzling oil on a pan. Gosh! Orgasmic!
Paff! a bit of this. Puff, tablespoon of that! Magic!

I will buy myself a big house with a massive kitchen. Wooden cupboards, rustic finish, coolest thing on earth. Will have all sorts of pots and pans and a cute little oven perfect for my cookies!
The dog will sit in a corner somewhere, (where I assume we will put his food and water bowls).
Do you mind pouring more wine? Dessert is almost ready! Not a problem, there's some more in the wine stack near the room to your right. That's were we have the TV. It's like a small cinema, really- feel free to use it in your stay here. I need it for 'research' and he loves his movies.
The dog? Of course he's allowed on the couch. What kind of question is that?
He sleeps in the bed, with us.

I have a soft spot for English boys, specially when they have big strong arms and are like bears.
I will find one just like that... really hope he likes to cook, we will go crazy in that kitchen or the jacuzzi I'm planning to have near the back garden. It's gonna be fun fun fun! You're all invited. We will have BBQ's outside, bring your beers!


Can't wait!


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