Tuesday, 27 September 2011


These two men taught me so much about life, love and about living my dreams. Much of who I am today was built back then - on the road, with Tonio, my backback full of dreams and our fearless adventure.
Years go by, and sometimes I still wish myself having a stroll in Sweden before a soundcheck, or feeding pigeons in a park in Paris. Today I went on an unplanned bus trip through London - night - and looking at the city I thought myself lucky- like I felt then, and still do now. Soooo lucky, and the black cats keep accumulating and what can I say, life is amazing and we better live it now, right now!
...It's a remarkable place... and I love my family (the one that chose me, and my chosen one)

In joy and love,


p.s. I love music with a heart...

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